The Bibliothèque nationale de France in VR

A VR documentary by Richard Copans

The building is both simple and mysterious. To tell its story is, of course, about seeing the books and readers, the people strolling through the large square and the researchers in the large rooms on the ground floor. It is about connecting what is invisible or little known: no one is going to visit the towers’storerooms, hidden behind wooden shutters and concrete walls. Anyone walks across the esplanade between the four towers does not know that he or she is walking on the roof covering most of the building. Readers in the upper garden are unaware of those on the ground floor.
To enjoy architecture, you must be able to articulate the physical sensation, the place of the body, its movements, its relationship to air, light and perspectives and the rational knowledge that responds to the why of the how. Combining feeling with intellect, emotion and understanding, two ways of perceiving reality that we constantly use.


  • Bibliothèque nationale de France

Directed by

  • Richard Copans