Sweet Nothings

52' film by Djana Schmidt and Antoine Bonnin

For some, their workplace is somewhere to meet people, for others, it’s a place where they forbid themselves from falling in love. Some believe in love at first sight, for others, there’s nothing better than having multiple affairs. After all, you should enjoy life!

Reconciling your love life and work, being afraid of ending up an old maid because you’re searching for Mr Right, surfing the net and trying out the dating website “j’adopte un mec” so that this time you leave less to chance in the encounters you make… And finally, thinking that the love of your life can turn up anytime, any place.

Immersed in their environment, in an Esat (a vocational rehab centre) we share the experience of daily life.

Bimedia Programme

The documentary comes with an interactive module: Le grand test de l’amour (The big love test). Through this programme, we are looking to question and change the way we look at disabled people.


Estelle Djana Schmidt and Antoine Bonnin

Coproduction with

Gorgone Production

With the support of

CNC, Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée
Fondation MAAF
l’association des papillons Blancs des Rives de Seine