Persona, Strangely Human

Film by Mathias Théry

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Musée Quai Branly presented the exhibition “Persona, Strangely Human” from January to November 2016.

“Many objects have a status more similar to that of a person or a creature than that of a simple object. Works of art – Western or non-Western, popular or contemporary -, or high tech products – robots, machines, etc. – are regularly endowed, in their use, with unexpected capacities for action, which render them almost people. Like a child devoted to its cuddly toy or someone who curses their computer or mobile accusing it of being incompetent or stubborn. Like the shaman who calls on the spirits through a statuette resembling the gods.

This transfer or confusion that exists between human and non-human, and the specific and personalised relationship that connects them, in a wide variety of cultures, in the vast subject of this anthropological exhibition.” (source)

The exhibition opened with the film “L’homme invisible” (The Invisible Man), directed by Mathias Théry and played by Denis Lavant.

Coproduction with

  • Les Films d'Ici