Patience My Love

A fiction series for mobiles by Camille Duvelleroy

Gabrielle and Alice are a happy couple.
They live in Toulouse and are both aged 37. They have always found the right balance between their relationship, their personal space, and professional fulfilment.
Alice is at an important time in her life: she is going to open her first restaurant. Gabrielle really enjoys her job as a film director. It often takes her to Paris, which is good, she loves taking the train.
Alice has been wanting a child for a long time. A very long time.
Gabrielle has just never thought about it.
After 8 years of living together, Alice has convinced Gabrielle, they are in a clinic in Barcelona for their first MAP. But nothing will go as planned: Alice has endometriosis. So she can’t try to carry a child. Out of love for Alice, Gabrielle, who has never wanted to carry a child, decides to undergo the MAP.
Neither of them had ever thought it would last 2 ½ years.
Neither of them had ever thought that it wouldn’t work.

PATIENCE MY LOVE deals with the subject of couples wishing to have a child.
How do you build your relationship? What makes you want a child? How does a couple project itself in this situation? What are its dreams? Is it to make up for something that’s missing, fear of emptiness? What do we leave behind us when we go? What do we pass on and to whom? Having a child brings about deep change within a relationship, not having a child does too. How does a couple bounce back in the face of setbacks, life’s obstacles? Gabrielle and Alice face these trials with humour. It’s one of their relationship’s great driving forces: laughter. Laughing about everything. Or almost. So in J12, we’ll laugh with them. As often as possible.

For two women living as a couple in France, wanting a child necessarily means going about things commando style. And Gabrielle and Alice have understood that. Whether it’s with the non-anonymous donors on Facebook who suggest you join them for an orgy (they refuse), with the little bodybuilder from the Gers who has “8 on the go” and who needs a certain size of goblet for his sperm, with the best friend who says he’ll help you but who changes his mind at the last minute, with the Spanish clinics that bill you 1,490 euros for 13 million unfrozen spermatozoa, with home inseminations using a Calpol baby dose syringe, with the gynaecologist in Paris who does “covert” inseminations…

PATIENCE MY LOVE is a series in 28 episodes which are broadcast daily on the web. This series plays on new forms of narration by using vertical format and the mobile devices we use in daily life. Each episode of 3′ to 6’ brings together live-action videos and chat sequences.
At the same time, the programme is also designed for these episodes to be published in the form of stories on an Instagram account over a 28-day period in order to attract a wider audience.

A Coproduction

  • Arte France, Les Poissons Volants, Bachibouzouk
  • with the support of
  • Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes - Région Occitanie, Mairie de Paris


  • Camille Duvelleroy and Dorothée Lachaud


  • Sophie de Fürst
  • Isabelle Joly
  • Zabou Breitman
  • Mounir Margoum
  • Prsika Peraste


  • Shooting days: September 2020
  • Delivery: December 2020
  • Release: Summer 2021


  • Best Short Series Award - Festival de la Fiction de la Rochelle - 2021