Panama Al Brown : A Mysterious Force

An interactive documentary comic by Jacques Goldstein, Alex W. Inker et Camille Duvelleroy

Panama Al Brown : A mysterious force tells the story of a fantastic boxer and featherweight world champion who detested boxing.
He was a sensation in Paris from 1926 to 1938

Panama Al Brown was an undisputed master of his art, but he hated boxing.
A talented musician, and a lover of champagne and opium, he rarely trained. As a homosexual in a world where ostentatious virility was the norm, and a young black man in the early 20th-century United States, he was a loner who led an extraordinary life.

We will tell his story in an interactive comic blending fiction and documentary


  • ARTE France

with the support of

  • du CNC Nouveaux Media
  • de la Région Occitanie
  • du Fonds transmedia de la ville de Paris


  • Release September 2018