VR documentary by Isabelle Foucrier and Camille Duvelleroy

In France a person’s dying process often unfolds inside a hospital

The advanced technology associated with intensive care is the focus of the last hopes of our death-averse civilization. Trained to save lives, intensive-care personnel are becoming our society’s undertakers.

Our project describes how hard it is for health care professionals doctors, nurses, nurse’s aides, and medical students to confront and “manage” death on a day-to-day basis

And the people respond frankly, with their private feelings, dreams, and ethical or medical ideas. We discover the multitude of questions they face. When life hangs by a thread, when is it time to pull the plug? Where is the boundary between reasonable treatment and medical futility? Do nurses become attached to their patients? How do they fight off the grief from witnessing so many deaths?

On/Off will be lade in stereoscopic, binaural cinematic VR. The experience lasts 20 minutes.

This documentary benefited from the support of Biennale college cinema in the VR category


La Manufacture d’Expériences Numériques

With the support of

CNC Nouveaux Media