Noir Amerique ( Black America )

Webseries by Caroline Blache and Florent de La Tullaye

In the United States, a black person is killed by a member of the police force every 28 hours. This is not news from a distant past, but a sad reality in 2016 just a few months from the end of President Barack Obama’s time in office… Confronted with a society consumed by racial inequality, African-American artists have decided to speak out. In the face of an oppressive white America, they have taken up the cause of Black Power, which has now become Black Lives Matter.


The eight episodes of this webseries set the scene with an African-American community which is enraged and incensed by the injustice it suffers: abuse that has continued down from a time of slavery and segregation, mass incarceration, police violence… From mainstream music stars to engaged activists, without forgetting well-known names in sport or from Hollywood, celebrities are rising up to expose and speak out against what has gone unseen by the majority for so long.


  • 8 épisodes available at ARTE Creative

Narration by

  • Alain Mabanckou


  • ARTE France
  • Les Films d'Ici