Nami, De la surface aux abysses

A 15 x 1’ series by Célia Féchino and Kloé Lang to rediscover the world… on Instagram

Eglantine, a freshly graduated 23-year old woman commences her first job in a start-up, ready to do anything to make her way up the ladder. But rapidly, in the throes of an existential crisis, Eglantine sees Nami, her imaginary childhood whale suddenly reappear. How far will Eglantine follow Nami in her quest for meaning?

Nami (“wave” in Japanese) is a 15 x 1’ video series that mingles real images, drawings, and animation.

To be shown on Instagram and social media, Nami questions our relationship to the world, nature, and the oceans.


  • CNC
  • Ville de Paris

Written and directed by

  • Célia Féchino and Kloé Lang
  • Co-written with Johanna Krawczyk


  • Under development