Lucas, Fast and Curious

A project for a musical show by Etienne Rochefort, for viewing on platforms and/or social

A little by chance, two friends, who are total novices, set out to create a contemporary dance show. It’s something they were absolutely not predisposed to doing as they both work in an abattoir…
They document and show their adventure, which is somewhere in between an initiatory road movie and a musical comedy, on social media.

But a strange epidemic takes control of their bodies, making them dysfunction. Lucas and Hugo discover the enlightening power of dance. With one hand, it depicts a world in danger, whilst stretching the other hand out towards a mirror to their inner selves.

In 10 episodes, Lucas – Fast & Curious takes us into a wacky world of dance from a Strasbourg abattoir to the stage of Chaillot National Theatre, for a very political choreographic show.


  • Co-written with Olivier Monnin, with the assistance of Nicolas Peufaillit


  • Etienne Rochefort
  • Benjamin Tranié


  • Under development