Lost film’s island

A 52 'documentary film by Frédéric Goupil

It’s the early 1930s on Belle-Île. A rebellion breaks out in a penal colony for juveniles. It is severely repressed. Outraged on hearing this news, Jacques Prévert writes La chasse à l’enfant followed by the scenario of la Fleur de l’âge. He starts filming with Marcel Carné in 1947.

L’île du film perdu will draw on documents left to Prévert’s estate, the original scenario, photos of the film set, testimonials, and archives, but also images of Belle-Île today, in order to revisit the adventure of this ill-fated project which finally had to be stopped after roughly thirty days of filming, swept away by storms and misfortune.


  • Filming : May-June 2020
  • Delivery : October 2020

Written and directed by

  • Frédéric Goupil

On an unfinished film of

  • Jacques Prévert andMarcel Carné

In coproduction with

  • Cosmolux
  • France Télévisions,
  • Toute l'Histoire
  • Ciné +
  • Avec le soutien de la Région Occitanie, de la Procirep et du CNC