I can’t wait

Un conte à toucher et un court métrage

I can’t wait is a book published at Les Editions Sarbacanne

Adapted from the graphic novel written by Serge Bloch and Davide Cali, the application “I can’t wait” offers a tactile narrative experience that alternates animation and interaction. The story of life is symbolised by a red thread that unrolls, tightens, lengthens, ceaselessly unfurling to the very end beneath the user’s fingertips. It is a story that hits home at every age, a story that is simple but full of emotion, a story to be shared.

André Dussollier accompanies the reader, bearing the words. His voice is that of the character, whilst an original sound track and acoustic design accompany the settings, the movements, the ambiences and the energy of the thread.

The application (for tablet and smartphone) can be downloaded from the AppStore or from the Google Play Store.

And, it’s also an animation film produced bye Claire Sichez, that combines 2D animation and stopmotion.

Produced by

Laurent Duret for Les Films d’Ici 2


Les Films d’Ici 2
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La Station Animation
Les éditions Sarbacane

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