History of Journalism, from reporters to fake news

A project for a 4 x 52’ series written by Bruno Masi

History of Journalism is a documentary series in four episodes that tells how journalism emerged and was then questioned, from the first case in History to get massive media coverage (Captain Dreyfus’ conviction for espionage) to the criticism of modern-day journalism in a time of Fake News. Far from being a review of the major dates in international journalism, this documentary series offers a fresh look at the role of journalism in light of its relationship to truth.

How was information put together throughout different times?
What influence does what is commonly known as the “fourth power” have on public opinion?
When and how did its supremacy start to be queried, leading to its present rejection?
After the era of the written press, that of radio and television, and then the Internet, after the myth of the citizen-reporter, what form of journalism can survive in a post-truth era?

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Written by

  • Bruno Masi