VR Experience for HTC Vive

VR experience for HTC Vive

“Ballamorphose” is a virtual reality device that allows exhibition visitors to delve into the heart of the pictorial elements of a painting. For the opening event at Micro-Folie, we offered members of the public a digital journey into the heart of “Continuous Line” by Wassily Kandinsky.

When the visitor puts on the headset, he sees the painting at is actually is. But, as soon as he moves around, he notices that the beautiful cohesion of the work is in fact a skilled play on perspectives that align all of the elements, which are recreated here in 3D. As soon as the visitor moves his head, the alignment ruptures giving the visitor the opportunity to discover each of the graphic elements separately. He can move around physically within the painting’s geometric shapes, viewing the work in a way that it has never before been seen. This innovative digital journey offers numerous possibilities such as the reversal of the perspectives, spacing out of the shapes and movement through the very heart of the painting.

After having gotten used to this new way of looking at the work, the visitor can use two wireless levers to activate a palette of digital paintbrushes. Thus, he becomes a digital painter and can add his own digital painting into the spaces between the elements on the work, creating a unique piece of art. His very own artwork in the heart of Kandinsky’s.

This outstanding artistic experience is broadcast real time on the giant digital screen, allowing other visitors to share it.


  • Black Euphoria


  • MicroFolie de la Villette
  • Opéra de Paris, presentation of the cultural season of La ville de Paris