Arc de Triomphe

Permanent multi-screen installation by Denis Van Waerebeke, Antoine Maiffret and Bérénice Meinsohn

Installation of a permanent multi-screen set up by Denis Van Waerebeke, Antoine Maiffret and Bérénice Meinsohn

The two-screen historical frieze accompanies visitors for part of their trip around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It conveys contextual information about the Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile such as its urban, historical and symbolic dimensions, and explains museographical and patrimonial elements that are encountered during the course of the visit.The installation is aimed at a very large public and has a strong international element. French, English and Spanish versions are available.
Visitors do not necessarily watch the installation for its entire duration and can take advantage of it for just a few seconds or minutes.

The narrative is split between 2 screens.

The right-hand screen tells the story: one after the other, it displays the images that make up the story: headers, animation, sub-headings… Like a classical linear film.

The left-hand screen shows a timeline, separated into years, over which a pointer slides as the narrative progresses. The pointer’s position on the screen allows the visitor to pinpoint where he is in the film and within the historical thread, and to understand immediately (and visually) if he is near the beginning or the end.


for Les Films d’Ici
Centre des Monuments Nationaux


Set-up at the Arc de Triomphe