Allo Survie

WebApp for the Renaissances exhibition at the Cité des Sciences

Robinsonnade is a WebApp in the form of an instant messaging application. On it, the player will chat with Théo, a survival instructor, who has to help the player spend two days alone in a forest. To succeed, you have to be perceptive, resourceful, and courageous…

The game takes place in a physical setting, a forest, from which the players can virtually collect elements required to successfully complete their exploration. A 150 to 200 m² room is devoted to this game.
Via the application, Théo will give the player goals to meet to ensure his time in the forest is optimised. The player will have to find and photograph elements of the setting, which he can do via the application.
Image recognition functions thanks to machine learning.

The exhibition will open on-line on 6 April and at the Cité des Sciences on 15 June 2021.


  • Alexandre Pierrin


  • Novelab


  • The exhibition will open on 15 June 2021.