Imams at War

52min - Documentary by Jacques Sarasin

AQIM, Islamic State, Boko Haram; all extremist movements that subscribe to a Wahhabi Sunni doctrine for which Africa has proved a fertile breeding ground. These movements have declared war on the West, its values and its way of life, and on other Muslims too.

We need to address our paralysing and terrifying lack of understanding, and ask ourselves some honest questions about how Africa came to be in this state.

This film takes us on an immersive trip to the land of Sufism – Mali, where civilisations and cultures have met and mingled for centuries. It will show the causes and challenges the threat the rise of radical Islam poses to societies around the world.

When France withdrew from its African colonies, it created the conditions for ethnic conflict between the Tuaregs and impoverished black communities. Since the late 1960s successive governments have made corruption and injustice a hallmark of their regimes. Now the various forms of Islam are filling the space left vacant by corrupt former leaders, money-grabbing Westerners and a chronic failure of democracy, and they are engaged in a bloody battle for power. The imams are at war.

Screenwriting by

  • Jacques Sarasin
  • Serge Elleinstein


  • Intermezzo
  • Public Sénat
  • Faire Bleu Productions

With the participation of

  • la RTS
  • du Centre National du Cinéma et de l'Image Animée,
  • de la Procirep Angoa
  • de Cinéforom
  • de la Loterie Romande
  • de la Fondation Education 21