A brain that beats

An animated film projected in video-mapping by Mina Perrichon


Audiovisual and interactive

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Audiovisual and interactive

Hospital Nord Franche-Comté

VR documentary of Richard Copans

Micro-Folie, a Digital Museum

Multimedia and interactive installation


Video installation

Persona, Strangely Human

Film by Mathias Théry

Pakoko, a Chief in the Marquesas

3min30 - A film by Bérénice Meinsohn

Arc de Triomphe

Permanent multi-screen installation by Denis Van Waerebeke, Antoine Maiffret and Bérénice Meinsohn

ABC of Mankind

52min - A movie by Andrès Jarach

documentaire pour le musée de l'homme


Movies by Vincent Vadurel for the permanent exhibition