Nous aimons produire

des histoires qui racontent

le monde, avec sourire et curiosité

pour mieux le comprendre

Some of us

A project by Karine Chaunac, Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo, Matan Rochlitz & Camille Duvelleroy

Panama Al Brown : A Mysterious Force

An interactive documentary comic by Jacques Goldstein, Alex W. Inker et Camille Duvelleroy

The Barricade

Webseries of 20 episodes

Age of Iron

Docu-fiction 6x52min


Audiovisual and interactive

Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

Audiovisual and interactive

Hospital Nord Franche-Comté

VR documentary of Richard Copans


VR documentary by Isabelle Foucrier and Camille Duvelleroy

Facing the sea

VR Film by Julie Charrier and Laurent Vautrin

Acoustic Landscapes

VR Film by Fabienne Verdier and Julie Charrier

In the Heart of Chaos

VR film by Richard Copans


VR Films by Bruno Masi

Micro-Folie, a Digital Museum

Multimedia and interactive installation


VR Experience for HTC Vive

VR tag

Red Zone

52' documentary film by Laetitia Moreau and Olivier Dubuquoy