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About Bachibouzouk

BACHIBOUZOUK  is a production company established in 2015 by Laurent Duret..

After graduating from ESRA, Laurent Duret began his professional career as a documentary director and production manager for Agat Films, Les Films d’Ici, Les Films à Lou, Image & Cie, Idéale Audience and Cargo Films among others.

In 1998 he won the scriptwriting prize from the Hachette Foundation and the Emergence prize in 1999.

Since 2007 he has produced or co-produced numerous documentaries for Les Films d’Ici including “Turn Me On” by Marc Huraux and “Banana Kids” by Xiaoxing Cheng (2007), “Astroboy in Roboland” by Marc Caro (2008), “The Wild Life of Domestic Animals” by Dominique Garing (2009), “Lhamo, The Little Himalayan Girl” by Djana Schmidt, and “Hip-Hop, The Furious Force Of Ryhmes” by Joshua Little Atesh (2010).

In 2012, he created Les Films d’Ici 2, with some partners, and produced “Fabienne Verdier : painting the moment” and “Elvis Costello : mystery dance” by Mark Kidel, “Nestlé, an Empire in Africa” by Judith Rueff , “Joséphine”, by Djana Schmidt, and “14, Dairies Of the Great War”, the international TV series of 8×52’ docudrama by Jan Peter and he created a collection of economic documentaries “Deciphering”  (7×75’).

He also develops multi-platform projects such as “14, Breaking News” (Golden Fipa for transmedia projects 2014), “Nestle, An Empire on my Plate” by Judith Rueff, “” by Claire Simon, a poetic app “I Can’t Wait” by Claire Sichez based on an interactive animated short film and the website for the commemoration of the Centre Choregraphique National’s creation.

He produces films for institutions and museums such as the Musée du Quai Branly, the French Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo, the Musée des Confluences in Lyons, the Cité de la Civilisation des Vins in Bordeaux, and the Mémorial Jeanne d’Arc in Rouen.

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Quartier l’Islon – 30400 Villeneuve les Avignon – France

  • phone-brown-2
    PANAMA AL BROWN, A Mysterious Force
    A coproduction with les éditions Sarbacane, with the support of CNC and Région Occitanie
    tells the story of a fantastic boxer and featherweight world champion who detested boxing.
    He was a sensation in Paris from 1926 to 1938. We will tell his story in an interactive cartoon blending fiction and documentary.
    By Jacques Goldstein, Alex Widendaele et Camille Duvelleroy
  • legrandtest
    A coproduction by Bachibouzouk and Eden Doc, with the support of la fondation MAAF et l'Association des Papillons Blancs
    A digital experience and web series of 30 short episodes showing how handicapped people see love that invites you to reconsider your prejudices about handicapped people.

  • ghpt-appli-2
    A coproduction Bachibouzouk, la Station Animation, Les Editions Sarbacane - France Télévisions Nouvelles Ecritures / with the support of the CNC, Région PACA, Pictanovo and the Région Hauts de France and some wonderfull crowfunders
    The Big Adventure of a Little Line is an interactive tale in which you decide the course of the story by drawing.
    An app (iOS and Androïd) by Camille Duvelleroy and Antoine Robert and a 7' film by Antoine Robert
  • 600full-clara-zetkin
    In coproduction with Slot Machine, Looks Films, Les Films de la Passerelle. With the support of MEDIA
    Clara Zetkin, Alexandra Kollentaï, Rosa Luxembourg - The story of these three female activists’ exceptional lives is the story of the feverish start to the 20th century and the upheaval of October 1917. A film by Jacques Goldstein and Juliette Garcias
  • 800px-Gérôme_Eminence_grise_1873
    In coproduction with Looks Films – La Production. In development with Arte France, ZDF, Media and CNC
    is a documentary series (6x52’) which draws on the accounts of those alive at the time to tell the story of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), a succession of bloody conflicts in which nearly 40% of the European population was killed in battle and massacres or died from famine and displacement.
  • Initio2
    In coproduction with Juliette FIlms and Les Films d'Ici 2
    will take us to meet entrepreneurs around the world who have built their businesses with the help of microfinance.
    1x52’ – Written by David Grumbach and Philippe Barbenès – Directed by David Grumbach and Laetitita Moreau
  • initiogame-3
    In coproduction with Juliette FIlms and Les Films d'Ici 2, with the support of CNC
    is a kind of digital Monopoly that allows players to explore the world of microfinance in a fun way, and discover that they can contribute to the development of the social economy with even a tiny amount of money. (Written by Bruno Masi)
  • imams
    A co-production Bachibouzouk / Public Sénat - Intermezzo With the support of TSR
    (Africa: From Decolonization to Islamization) takes us on an immersive trip to Mali. It will show the rise of radical Islam . A film by Jacques Sarrasin (written with Serge Elleinstein)